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Salvation Explained
This page tells you in very simple terms how to be saved.

To The New Christian
Are you a new Christian? If so, you might want to read this.

To The Backslider
This page is dedicated to those Christians who have left the faith. God still loves you, and will forgive your sins.

Nature of God
What is God's nature? Is He really a loving God?

Can We Trust The Bible?
Can we trust the Bible? I am convinced we can. There is strong evidence to suggest it is trustworthy.

Do you know what the Bible teaches concerning heaven? Are you sure?

The Macedonian Call
When God speaks to us we should listen, and obey.

The Church
When did the Church begin?

Roadmap To World Peace
What would it take for us to have world peace?

Welcome to my website. This site exists to glorify God and to tell all the world that Jesus is Lord. Everything here is for the education and inspiration of all those who God leads here. Do you want to learn how to be saved? You can find out here. Are you a Christian who needs to learn more about God, the Bible, and living the Christian life? Wonderful! You have come to the right place.

Perhaps you don't even believe in God or maybe you believe that God is not represented properly in the Bible and you have taken a different spiritual path. Great to have you here, as well. I believe God has either intentionally brought you here for a specific purpose or allowed you to come here. Either way it is totally in God's will that you are here. So read and enjoy, but most of all I hope you are inspired and informed.

I have already written several helpful articles that are listed to the left and to the right. I plan to add a new article from time to time, so please come back often for updates.

I would greatly appreciate it if you would tell others about my site.

Thanks for stopping by. May God richly bless you.

Rev. Steve Holder

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Does Hell Really Exist?
Is there really a place called Hell? Let's look at the evidence.

Witchcraft is very popular today. Do you know the truth about this occult path?

Witchcraft Word Study
A study of witch related words.

What do you know about Satan? Do you know the facts? Learn more here.

The Price of Sin
Sin costs us a lot of grief and conflict, but it cost Jesus his life.

Doormat Theology
Does God expect Christians to be submissive doormats for folks to walk on?

The Reasons I Write
I asked myself why I write. This is what I came up with.


Please Help Me God
This is a prayer I wrote to help me to remember how my relationship should be to God.

The Worker's Prayer
Is work a challenge? Perhaps this prayer is for you.