Society of Dispensational Webmasters


God's Word Rightly Divided Welcome to the Society of Dispensational Webmasters. We are a small group of internet ministries that exist to glorify God and spread the wonderful gospel of God's Grace. Each ministry is independent, but we join together to boost web traffic, share articles and resources, lift each other up in prayer, and offer encouragement and support.

If you want to join with us, you may submit your request by email. Please read our Statement of Faith before you apply.

Let's Promote Dispensational Unity By...

1) sharing articles from member's websites (after getting permission, of course).

2) lifting up one another in prayer.

3) promoting this society to better carry out our mission to spread the gospel around the world.

4) sharing ideas and resources.

Please send all correspondence to Steve Holder. - Society Administrator

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Rightly Dividing the Word of Truth