Please Help Me, God   

God, help me to be honest with myself.
Help me to search out the dark corners of my mind and soul,
to better serve You.

Discipline me, God, in whatever way You deem necessary,
so that I can serve You without reservation,
for pleasing You is my desire and my duty,
and I want to be faithful.

Please give me the courage to be who I truly am,
rather than pretending to be, or trying to be,
what others say I should be.

Please grant me the honor of intimacy with you.
I know that you know me better than I know myself.
Strip me of my foolish ego and false-pride and allow me to see what I really am.

And as I peel off the layers of disquise please help me to accept me as I am,
as You have made me, and want me to be.
Help me not to judge me.
And please teach me to see You as You really are,
and ignore what others say You are.

Because it is not my ways or thoughts that are important,
Master, but Your ways and Your thoughts.
It is all about You. You are my life,
my breath, and my ultimate desire.


by Steve Holder