The Worker's Prayer   

Here I am at work, Lord. Help me through this day.
You know I sometimes don't want to be here,
but I know this is the way You are blessing me financially at the present time.
This is what pays the bills, and gives me spending money, too.

Even though I am often misunderstood and some do not like me here,
I still have to do this job.
I am not appreciated. I am over-worked and under-paid.
I have many skills that are not used here, but no one seems to care.

Help me, Lord, to be patient with people.
Help me to be loving and kind.
Help me to understand even if I am misunderstood.
Help me to refrain from judging others, and teach me to love them.

You know the kind of people I have to put up with each day.
You know what some say about me, and how they look at me.
But, I know You love me, Father, so that makes a big difference.

I look forward to the day when Heaven will be my home
and this craziness will be over for good,
but for now, Lord, help me to bear this earthly hell.

I want to glorify You, but I need Your help to do that.
I ask in the precious name of Jesus.